The Reality Of Private Investigators

Movies, radio shows and larger than life characters like Sherlock have made us believe that Private Investigators are people who sit in a car with a long camera lens, wear dark glasses and oversized coats.

In reality, however, Private Investigators like Lady Detectives India, solve pre matrimonial and post matrimonial investigations, insurance frauds, corporate espionage and background checks by going through hidden records and trailing people, using our experience of 30+ years.

Reasons We Are Hired:

  • Matrimonial Investigations:

Infidelity in marital relations is a very common reason for people to hire a private investigator. It could be because of an inability to deal with changes or simply because of differing life priorities. A confrontation about the reality could backfire and scar the relationship for ever. Would you really want to confront them unless you were sure?

  • Missing Person Cases:

If your loved one has disappeared recently and is wholly out of character or you’re looking for a long-lost friend, we, at LDI, will work cautiously and investigate about the case with the necessary empathy.

  • Corporate Investigations:

Another major area of investigations, this is where we conduct Pre Employment & Post Employment investigations to verify any wrongdoing. Whether you suspect an employee of stealing or giving illegal information to competitors, we bring the best outcome for your professional profit.

If in any situation as above, get in touch with us at Lady Detectives India on +91 9891722733. We work in all major metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Jaipur, Hyderabad and all other cities in India and abroad as well.