Need of a Private Detective for Matrimonial Investigation in Delhi

We are now living in a world where deceit has gained more acceptance and people place very little trust on others. The most affected relationships is the institution of marriage. Even though India still holds the lowest divorce rate in the world, it has marriages which are on the verge of break-ups or are just based on lies.

There are also relationships which fail to turn to marriage because of families’ different backgrounds that no one is aware of in the beginning.

Getting into a bad marriage with the wrong life partner not only shatters the dream one had, but also leaves behind a long, lonely & painful life to live. So, it is of primary importance to know all the personal, professional, family and financial details of the prospective spouse so as to prevent having any regrets or problems in the future.

We at Lady Detectives India help in verifying details in Pre-Matrimonial Investigation in Delhi and other major cities, like the Character, Daily Routine, Job Profiles, Social Reputation of the family, financial standing in the society, present affairs, if any, temperament details and alcoholic addiction if any.

We also conduct Post-Matrimonial Investigation in Delhi and other major cities, which is another important step to take since even one ounce of doubt regarding betrayal could scare someone and ruin the trust in a marriage for ever.

We cover the following aspects: Extra-Marital affairs, attitude of husband/wife towards family, tracking of daily activities, relationship with co-workers, divorce cases etc.

Primary Objective: We understand the requirements of our esteemed clients through detailed conversations first and then discuss the appropriate solution with the surety of bringing the hidden truth out.