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A trained and trusted team of our investigators monitor the activities of an individual or follow the vehicle they use very discreetly and keep track of the outdoor activities which involve the places visited, number of people met and their names and observing the people's actions and communications. This leads to the client to a decision and within the adequate time, due to our team's diligence.

The team at 'Lady Detectives India' is empathetic and understands that when you suspect infidelity in your relationship, you initially might be in denial and hurting, but you still need to get the truth out of the situation. That is where we step in and provide you with the right and truthful solution, despite and inspite of all circumstances. We are available in all parts of India and overseas as well.

Video Surveillance Detectives Services DelhiThe agencies use both female and male staff but women tend to be favoured for the job as they are less likely to be suspected whilst working, it is claimed.

We don't only conduct surveillance to undercover the suspicious partners but also when they are being cheated upon financially. We specialise here since our female investigators fly under the radar much easily.

We are among the most known Detective agencies in Delhi, who conduct Video Surveillane in Delhi or Industrial Espionage in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata.

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