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Debugging, also known as Bug-Detection is a term that finds out hidden objects in personal or office premises. It could potentially be a big disaster, if they aren't seized timely.

A bug is a small disguised object that is planted by a wrongdoer in either someone's residence, official space or in their vehicle. It comes in varied arrangements like Room Transmitters, Video / audio recorders and is responsible for invading the privacy of an individual.

Here's how a bug permeates through settings:

Personal Level

If a bug is installed at home, the invader becomes known to all your in-house discussions and conversations, which you might want to keep exclusive to your family members only.

Professional Level

What could be more intimidating than your rival knowing all your future schemes & growth plans? A bug put by your competitors in your office space would serve everything private on their plate.

We, the team at Lady Detectives India will help you debug any premises - personal or professional. Our LDI team does Debugging- technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM), which is the process for finding these gadgets.

So if you are someone who is very famous or simply just doing very well in your life, you might not be aware of your enemy but he/she might be lurking around your surroundings. So be aware and call us at +91 9891722733 to find out about a bug near you!

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