Experts in Personal and Corporate Investigations

Best Detective
Agency in Delhi

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Experts in Personal and Corporate Investigations

Best Detective
Agency in Delhi

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India's No 1 Private Detective Agency

Lady Detectives India is the best private detective agency in India, based out of Delhi. We are successfully dealing with cases like Pre Matrimonial Investigations, Infidelity checks for Post marriage investigations, background checks for matrimonial investigations, Pre-employment and post-employment investigations, survey as well as surveillances etc. We are providing these detective services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Haryana, Punjab, Dehradun, Jaipur and other parts of India as well as the rest of the World including America, London, Sri Lanka, Dubai, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, and Australia.


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Personal Investigation

As an expertise personal Detective Agency, We have successfully solved thousands of pre matrimonial investigation cases since our establishment. Not just pre-matrimonial investigation, we have been successfully solving several post Matrimonial and divorce case investigations to unleash the truth for our clients.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Marriage is a knot between two people for a lifetime. Before tying this knot it is important to be 200% sure that it is with the right...

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Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Post Matrimonial Investigation

When you lose trust in your partner due to any reason that means the foundation of your relationship is getting week. To get clarity...

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Post Matrimonial Investigation

Divorce Case Investigation

Divorces can be life-changing but when you don't even know the real reason for divorce or you are in legal compliance it becomes a lot...

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Divorce Case Investigation

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Tanya Puri

About Lady Detectives India

Lady Detectives India is among the leading Private Detective agencies in Delhi/NCR and globally. Ms. Tanya Puri, CEO of Lady Detectives India is one of the young investigation entrepreneurs in the country.

She gets her knowledge and expertise as an investigator from her father - The renowned Private Detective in Delhi & all over India - Mr. Baldev Kr. Puri, who has been in this profession for more than 35 years, working all over India and all the major countries overseas. We are equipped with our network and reliable team of male and female investigators. We understand our responsibility well and before deployment of any investigator, proper on-job training is conducted by expert investigators.

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All we ask of you is to be transparent and thorough in your discussion with us.

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Complete client's satisfaction with assurance is the motto of our detective agency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Private Detectivs in Delhi / Matrimonial Detective in Delhi / Personal Investigation in Delhi / Corporate Investigation in Delhi - India

What is your background & what kind of experience do you have?

Lady Detectives India consists of investigators who have come from a variety of backgrounds: intelligence, law enforcement, government, and information technology. All investigators are required to undergo a professional on-the-job training program conducted by the senior investigators, departmental heads of the organization. We have built up a reputation of being able to understand a clients needs and then provide a remarkable solutions keeping in mind their financial boundaries and time frame.

Do you take cases from all over India?

Certainly we accept cases from every corner of the country. In-fact major percentage of our business comes from cases that involve us to go to cities other than Delhi. We are part of Global one, a consortium of reputed Indian and International Detectives. We seek assistance from the local sleuths of Global one to handle cases outside Delhi, furthermore we send our own experts to handle cases in that city.

How confidential is the investigation?

Our way of conducting the assigned case is 100% confidential as even our field investigators does not know that the operation they are going to handle, is for what purpose and who is our client. All the conversations and reports are being kept in such a confidential manner that only assigned chief of that particular case can unlock the protected area by certain codes, as and when required.

How sure am I about authenticity of information?

Confidentiality is paramount in our work. Once you have instructed us, we will only report to you or any one else you specify, such as your legal representative. We are under no obligation to inform any third parties of what we are doing and for whom. We never release information to law enforcement or other relevant agencies.

How much time does it take to handle a case?

After obtaining details of the investigative operation we will be able to give you a time-scale projection. Some operations take days, some weeks and some months. It all dependent upon the proof required and complexity of the case, but our experience allows us to provide information with a realistic time frame.

How do I receive my report?

You may collect your report personally from our office or we can send it by regular mail, facsimile, or e-mail. Documents or proofs that are obtained as part of an investigation case can also be sent via the same methods.. Stills photographs can be scanned and sent as e-mail or a regular mail if required and video footage can be sent in the usual format or CD.

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Why Lady Detectives India

You can trust this award-winning private detective agency in Delhi. It has a strong network with branches all over India.
Our Experience

Our Experience

LDA is a professional private investigation agency which has been trusted by people, all over the country and abroad. We are leading this field from the last twenty years with our experience.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We work with our clients as one team and customise our investigation services keeping in mind their needs and outcomes.

Our Privacy

Our Privacy

We understand and respect the privacy of our clients so the investigation process runs silently and confidentially.

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Great things in a business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people - that's the mantra of our core team at Lady Detectives India. We take pride in being one of the most sought-after lady detective agency. Our route investigation world not just in India but also across the globe. We, as a team, are known to work with the necessary tact and empathy to bring you the best knowledge you need. Here's our main team:
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