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Huge Experience and innumerable solved cases.! This staggering and utterly impressive statistic defines Lady Detectives. We are a Delhi based detective agency offering all kind of criminal cases solutions in every nook of India. Right from the starting we are aiming to unveil the hidden truth to bring the real picture in front of our client's.

We are backed with skilled and versatile team of ladies professionals who are having huge experienced in this respective arena. We understand the problem of our client's first, find out the alternative solutions and make the work strategies accordingly. Lady Detective is working efficiently with a strong network and all-India-presence and contact with legal firms.

Chennai is one of the southernmost metropolitan cities that has not only enjoyed the status of a historical city, but has also turned out as one of the most industrialized cities on the Indian horizon. Incorporating some of the wonderful architecture, Chennai of today is a potpourri of contemporary charm and medieval delights, coexisting superbly in the midst of vibrant people. The Chennai of today is not what it used to be, and people over here are forced to live in a crime-ridden society. It is increasing the demand of personal detectives in Chennai or personal investigators in Chennai, professional detectives in Chennai or professional investigators in Chennai to conduct private, personal and professional investigations in Chennai.

One of our prime responsibilities of private and personal detectives is to maintain a check on the espionage activities in the industrial sector. An investigation conducted by professional detectives of Lady Detective removes any ambiguity about the espionage activity in a manufacturing organization as they are able to track the mole in the organization. Through a thorough investigation, we make it possible to eliminate the mole and expose the culprit as one of the persons who has been passing on critical information to competitive rival companies at the highest price offered.

Private detectives in Chennai and private investigators in Chennai surface as an ideal solution to bring respite to people reeling under fraud and cheating cases. We are familiar with every corner of the city and work in compliance with many organization for tracing and tracking different information. Our Motto is to give you the best as we think "TRUST US, we believe in team work" which comprises of not only us but you also.

We undertake the all the chores with utmost confidentially and at no stage the other party would know that they are being investigated. We understand that this being very sensitive matter need to be handled with utmost care and confidentiality. For this we also sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Pre | Post Employment Detectives In Chennai

The existence of the corporate and non-corporate sector in the industry is one of the most essential requirements of any of the flourishing metropolitan cities in the country. The corporate sector accounts for some of the major companies, large corporate houses and large corporations. The non-corporate sector comprises of business entrepreneurs who are small to medium level enterprises. Chennai is not a metropolis to be left far behind and is a city replete with large corporate giants and huge corporations that co-exist with the small and medium enterprises.

Employment Verification - A Mandatory Process

With the eruption in the recruitment industry, there is an impending pressure on the human resource department of companies to hire some of the finest talent available in the country for their companies to combat competition.It has become a norm in the hiring process to carry out employment investigations in Chennai through employment detectives in Chennai to unravel any fake details furnished by the employees seeking employment. It is practically not possible for the HR department to scrutinize and check out the details of each and every candidate. In order to achieve this objective, corporate investigations in Chennai are conducted through corporate detectives in Chennai while non-corporate investigations in Chennai are carried through by non-corporate investigators in Chennai where the ultimate aim is to get the veracity of the information furnished by the candidate. One of the major objectives of conducting employment investigation in Chennai by employment investigator in Chennai is to collect the relevant details of the employee and check the background before submitting their final verification report. The background check on employees consists of two parts, pre-employment investigations in Chennai which are carried out by pre-employment investigators in Chennaiand post-employment investigators in Chennai.

Better Safe than Sorry

Usually, pre-employment and post-employment investigations are carried out by well-known and reputed investigative agencies that are located in Chennai. The detectives could either be men or lady detectives who are able to perform better than their male counterparts. However it has become mandatory to carry out pre-employment verifications on the employee before offering employment which saves the company the embarrassment of carrying out post-employment verifications.

Pre | Post Matrimonial Detectives In Chennai

Marriage is a pious relation and getting married is a lifelong commitment. In this era people are coming across many cheating cases in before and after marriage. The existence of such lies and cheatings has arises the need to hire detectives to conduct stringent investigation. Lady Detective is a professionally managed detective agency renowned for providing timeless solutions of all kind of matrimonial cases.

Now-a-days many people are finding their partners on internet also so they require a complete investigation about the other party. We understand the sensitivity as well as necessity of the case and work whole heartedly to reveal the hidden truth. In a highly industrialized city such as Chennai, there are a plethora of broken homes that have adversely affected both the families of wedded couples and their offshoots.

We are providing unobstructed and confidential pre matrimonial investigations in Chennai conducted by our professional team of ladies which incorporate pre matrimonial investigators in Chennai. There are innumerable diverse cases of matrimonial investigation in Chennai that are being cracked by our pre matrimonial detectives in Chennai.

Pre-matrimonial detectives in Chennai provide authentic information to their clients. This investigation is normally carried out before the interested parties enter into a matrimonial alliance after checking out the details of the families involved. Our work sphere in pre matrimonial cases includes the verification of family background, salary, job profile, status, criminal records, bad habits like smoking, drinking or drugs etc.

Lady Detectives also incorporate expert professional ladies for conducting post matrimonial investigations in Chennai. We have made the team of post matrimonial investigators in Chennai and post matrimonial detectives in Chennai for checking different and hidden information about husband or wife. We verify about the salary, extra marital affairs and bad habits related issues.

Lady Detective understands the problem of our privileged client's very carefully and tells them appropriate solutions also. We work by looking over the confidentially and sensitivity of the case and commit to provide the timeless services. The post matrimonial investigations conducted by us reveal the actual facts on various aspects of the families. Lady Detectives leaves no stone unturned in bringing the truth out by the means of still photographs and videos also. We also handle divorce cases.

Survelliance Detectives In Chennai

In any metropolitan city in the country, there is a certainty of the crime rate going up steadily where there is a mass inflow of migrant people coming into the city with the intention of settling down. Almost the entire migration population of the city comes in search of work and when they are not able to get work, they resort to petty crimes such as theft and burglary. One of the most common crimes committed by the petty thieves is burglary and theft.

Perpetrators of Crime

However, there are other serious crimes such as absconding persons from place of work or persons who are reported missing after defrauding multinational companies, large corporate houses or banks after swindling them of large amounts of money. Some of the missing people may be missing purely by chance. A theft investigation in Chennai is handled by a theft detective in Chennai. The list of missing persons is growing day by day and missing person detectives in Chennai are engaged in cracking missing person investigations in Chennai and by missing person investigators in Chennai. There are, however, missing teenagers who have eloped from home with the intention of marrying without the permission of their parents and the boy and girl are reported missing. The undercover investigators in Chennai manage undercover investigations in Chennai trying to trace the teenagers based on the information provided by the parents and hand them back to the parents.

Covert Investigations

The countless numbers of investigative and detective agencies employing male and lady detectives that have emerged in Chennai offer their professional services by tracking the missing persons through the latest surveillance methods since surveillance investigators in Chennai conduct covert surveillance investigation in Chennaias well as surveillance detective in Chennai.

Lady Detectives - An Asset

Lady detectives have often displayed amazing courage and exemplary self-control while working on surveillance cases where they are required to tail a suspected person. They are cautious without revealing their identity and are in total control of the situation. Lady detectives have intrinsic qualities of perseverance, hard work, tenacity and patience.

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