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Lady Detectives is renowned detective agency nestled basically in Delhi but operating throughout the India and some of the foreign countries. We are a reputed name working from many years and having a record of not having a single case unsolved. Lady Detectives is one of the most dynamic and structural investigations agencies. In this industry, we strongly believe that there are no structural formats in solving cases, we as an organization try to fill the bridge.

We cater to all sections of society including by banks, private clients (matrimony), corporate sectors and others. Our investigations are independent, timeless and unbiased. We strongly believe in utmost satisfaction and 100% confidentiality of our clients. Lady Detectives also have country- wide network of private, personal and professional detectives. We have strong tie-ups with world agencies to solve cases in a timeless manner and getting to the truth of the matter.

Our team of professional ladies have years of experience and are versatile to solve any kind of cases. They all are well trained with latest tools and techniques of tracing the suspect and proof. The city of Pune in the western part of the country was at one time predominantly a military station with a sprinkling of civilian population as is normally the case in most cantonment towns in India.

As good things in life bring joy and prosperity, in a similar vein, they also usher on to the forefront several ignominious issues like surges in crime where each and every inhabitant is adversely affected. Lady Detectives have a team of expert detectives in Pune to deal with private, personal and professional cases. Our private detectives in Pune or private investigators in Pune operate as part of well carry out an investigation thoroughly on the information that is available from the clients. We offer timeless, true, and affordable private investigations in Pune.

A team of our experienced Detective Agency in Pune are efficient in conducting all types of Detective Agency in Pune which includes cases like personal issues, family issues, issues related to agitations etc.

To help the corporate firms we offer the professional investigations in Pune. Our team understands the delicacy of such corporate cases so our professional investigators in Pune conduct silent but result oriented investigation. We thrive to meet the client's expectations by satisfying them with our proof based result. The team of professional detectives in Pune brings the true result with still photos and videos.

Our Motto is to give you the best as we think "TRUST US, we believe in team work" which comprises of not only us but you also.

Pre | Post Employment Detectives In Pune

An employment background check has become a global trend and is practiced throughout the world. Most of the countries around the world like the United States, the United Kingdom and European countries have made employment background check a mandatory requirement and an integral part of the hiring process. In the United States, the federal government has enacted a law for US based companies to carry out employment checks of employees that it proposes to employ and especially those persons who are being sent for overseas by Indian companies who undertake projects abroad. The enactment of the law proposes that heavy penalties be imposed on the US companies who fail to follow the stipulated guidelines as per the federal law and for repetitive lapses, it proposes to cancel the licenses of those companies.

The Indian Scenario

A similar practice is being adopted by the corporate and non-corporate sectors in major metropolitan cities. There are innumerable detective and investigative organizations in Pune who offer their professional expertise in conducting employment background checks. Of late there has been a revival of the recruitment industry and a rat race for hunting for the best talent available throughout the country has started. The Human Resource departments of corporate giants are being a harried lot as they have been pressurized to recruit the finest talent. An employment detective in Pune and an employment investigator in Pune are involved deeply in conducting employment investigation in Punewith expertise and professionalism. Employment investigations in Pune are two fold comprising of pre-employment investigations in Pune and post-employment investigations in Pune. Pre-employment investigations in Pune are conducted by pre-employment investigators in Pune while post-employment investigationsin Pune are carried out by post-employment detectives in Pune. Lady detectives in almost all the metro cities are adept at handling even the most complex cases with professionalism and adroitness.

The Industry Segregation

The entire industry is segregated in the corporate and non-corporate sectors. The corporate sector has in its fold large corporate houses and business companies and the non-corporate companies include small and medium business enterprises. The corporate investigations in Pune are also conducted by corporate investigators in Pune while non-corporate investigations in Pune are handled by the non-corporate investigators in Pune.

Pre | Post Matrimonial Detectives In Pune

Pune is a small town in the Western part of the country has emerged from an important military cantonment to a burgeoning metropolitan city. The reason for the development of this one time small station has been the shifting of a majority of headquarters of the corporate world from the coastal city of Mumbai to Pune. Matrimonial disparities are in vogue today in major metropolitan cities in the country and Pune is not an exception. These marital incompatibilities are extremely distressing keeping in view the devastation that it creates in families that would have been a happy family if proper checks would have been made prior to arranging the wedding.

Professionalism in Investigative Reporting

There are several investigative and detective agencies in Pune that offer their professional services in matrimonial investigations. There are some agencies that are operated entirely by lady detectives. Matrimonial investigations in Pune can be normally be classified into two categories such as Pre-matrimonial investigations and Post-matrimonial investigations. Pre-matrimonial investigations in Pune are handled by pre-matrimonial detectives in Pune while there are post matrimonial investigators in Pune who carry out post matrimonial investigations in Pune.

The Strife in Post Matrimonial Relationships

A Matrimonial investigator in Pune is quite adept at solving a matrimonial investigation in Pune since he is a professional and can lose himself in a crowd without revealing his identity. Post-matrimonial investigations are rather painful and embitters relationships thereby brews bad blood in the relationships as compared to pre-matrimonial investigations. Post matrimonial investigations are a result of an element of suspicion from the husband or the wife which develops in to strife between the wedded couples. It would be pertinent to mention that there are several factors, such as, incompatibility between the couple, stressful relations and an irredeemable situation which is difficult to salvage. These situations lead to broken homes where not only the families suffer, but the children are the worst sufferers.It is always preferable to be safe rather than be sorry and pre-matrimonial checks are carried out before entering into a matrimonial alliance since post matrimonial checks are extremely distressing.

Detective Agency in Pune

The flux of the migrant population in the metropolitan cities throughout the country has brought into its wake a upsurge in the crime rate. The have-nots indulge in petty crimes such as thievery and burglary while others indulge in major crimes such as infidelity and fraud. In a metropolitan city such as Pune, there are numerous detective and investigative agencies who lend a helping hand to the civic administration and governmental agencies to curb and bring down the crime rate. There are however agencies that are totally managed by women and have portrayed impressive results. They show an exemplary calmness and a disciplinary attitude which brings forth positive results.

The Missing Desperados

Since the incidence in thievery and burglary are showing an upward trend, a theft detective in Pune is successful in tracing the miscreants and solving a theft investigation in Pune. The missing persons generally fall into two categories, in one category the missing persons are those that go underground intentionally without a trace while in the second category, the missing persons are lost simply by chance. In both the cases, the list of missing persons is growing longer day by day.

Crimes of Missing Persons

Missing person detectives in Pune and missing person investigators in Puneare assigned cases of missing person investigationsin Pune where they are required to use their foresight and professionalism to achieve positive results. The missing persons defraud their employers or take personal loans from banks and do not intend to repay. An employee of the company may be suspected of passing crucial data to rival companies.A majority of the companies ask their employees to sign a bond before joining the company which stipulates that in case the employees before the period of bond is over, he is required to pay the employers an amount agreed upon. However, as soon as the employee lands a much better job, he simply vanishes into thin air. The surveillance detectives in Pune and surveillance investigators in Pune are assigned surveillance investigation in Pune where they have to act as undercover investigators in Pune and handle undercover investigations in Pune.

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