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Lady Detectives is a world renowned and most trusted detective agency operating actively in all arena of this domain. We are a team of professional ladies, expert in solving all kind of cases ranging from missing person to murders. Basically, Lady Detective is a Delhi based detective agency expanded its roots in all other cities of India and overseas.

Hyderabad is one of the in the busiest city in the country that has progressed rapidly over the years. The present day Hyderabad is reckoned to be the leading industrial and commercial capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh in Southern India. The crime rate of the city is also increasing along with the progress leading to the demand of private detectives in Hyderabad and private investigators in Hyderabad for conducting private investigations in Hyderabad.

We are expert and professional in meeting the challenges of crime in its myriad forms in the committed time period. Lady detectives also conduct Detective Agency-in Hyderabad to solve the cases related to personal life of an individual. Our Detective agency in Hyderabad are efficient in solving the cases like extra marital affairs, robbery, fraud etc.

Lady detectives also incorporate a team of professional detectives in Hyderabad and professional investigators in Hyderabad to conduct professional investigation in Hyderabad required by the businesses and corporate giants to find out solutions of business related problems. The team of professional detectives at lady detectives is endowed with a sixth sense that cracks a case with a unique dexterity

We throw a light on the truth and the facts, with the still photographs, videos and genuine information. We value your time and money and understand the fact that corporate giants do not have the time to expend in getting details on each and every aspect of an individual company with whom they have an inclination of entering into a strategic business relationship. For this we have appointed a special team to meet the tough challenges in committed time period. We also ensure the secrecy and privacy by signing a non-disclosure agreement.

These two characteristics form the hallmark of an excellent professional detective agency like us. We have a widely distributed network with many legal and Govt. firms that help us in our investigation to bring the brilliant and true results to you. Our motto is to provide the best detective service build on our privileged client's trust and our hard work.

Pre | Post Employment Detectives In Hyderabad

Lady Detectives is a prominent and well known detective agency engaged in investigating and solving all kind of issues and problems. We incorporate a highly qualified, best of the industry, and experienced team of ladies to solve corporate environment problems. We are professional detectives with an experience of decades in this industry. We are basically a Delhi based company but engaged in the investigation in almost all the cities of India.

Hyderabad is one of the most burgeoning IT hubs on the global network and has taken the lead amongst the leading metropolitan cities in the country in the software development industry. The increasing crime rate in the corporate firms and small and giant MNCs have increased the demand of professional detectives which our detective agency incorporates. Lady Detective has made its team of pre employment detectives in Hyderabad and pre employment investigators in Hyderabad strong enough to conduct pre employment investigations in Hyderabad.

Cases like infidelity, misuse of confidential information and data, dishonesty to the company are some of the cases we have solved with perfection and by providing still photographs and videos as proof. Essential requirements of the background checks before hiring any employee are also conducting by the expert detectives of lady detectives. Our team concentrates on checking prospective employee's academic qualifications, employment history, experience, salary in the previous company and their technical skills etc. Verifying the criminal record is also comes under our pre employment investigation service.

Lady Detective also takes the cases post employment investigations in Hyderabad, corporate investigations in Hyderabad and non corporate investigations in Hyderabad conducting by post employment detectives in Hyderabad, post employment investigators in Hyderabad, corporate detectives in Hyderabad, corporate investigators in Hyderabad, non corporate detectives in Hyderabad, and non corporate investigators in Hyderabad.

Under the aforementioned investigation our expert team investigates and verifies the reason and culprit who is misusing company's credentials, secret information, records and data, dishonest employee, financial frauds and fraudulent etc. Each check will provide the most accurate and current information available, summarized and provided to you in an easy to read investigative report.

Pre | Post Matrimonial Detectives In Hyderabad

Lady Detectives is the name you can trust, the intelligence and reports you needed. We are a team of experienced and qualified ladies actively operating from New Delhi and covering all the locations. We are counted among the best investigation companies for conducting all kind of investigation in India. We are the no. 1 detective agency in Delhi, India with very strong network of experts in all across the globe.

The male dominated world of investigation has given way to a large number of lady detectives who are assigned cases of investigation and where they have made their mark. Lady detectives have proved to be far more efficient in their method of working with patience and perseverance.

Hyderabad is reckoned among the most popular and big cities of the country. Crime rate in the city has been considerably increased in the past several decades, raising the demand of detectives and professionals to conduct strict and quick investigation. Cases like dissension that follows matrimonial alliances and where the couples end up in ruptured marriages and broken homes leading to judicial separation and divorces are taking the major form and need someone to investigate the second party.

Our pre matrimonial detectives in Hyderabad and pre matrimonial investigators in Hyderabad are proficient in dealing with pre matrimonial investigation in Hyderabad cases which require deep and dedicated services to reveal the truth. Pre matrimonial investigation includes the following:

  • Temperamental Details
  • Business/Job Profile & Reputation
  • Criminal Record
  • Overall Financial Status
  • Daily Routine Activities
  • Drug / Alcohol Abuse & General Habits
  • Character, Previous Marriage (If Any)

Lady detectives also incorporates post matrimonial investigators in Hyderabad and post matrimonial detective in Hyderabad for performing post matrimonial investigation in Hyderabad. A lady can better understand the feelings and problems of the lady. We help you in following situations:

  • Extra-Marital Affair
  • Suspicious Activities
  • Divorce Related Cases
  • Drug / Alcohol Abuse & General Habits
  • Daily Routine Activities

We understand each and every case with dedication and bring the truth in the forms of records, facts, photographs, and videos. Our motto is to reveal the truth not for our profession but to solve the problems of people to make them happy.

Detective Agency in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a city incorporating a huge gamut of variety of industries that have spread beyond the outskirt of the city. Lady Detectives is the renowned and reputed detective agency engaged in investigation and surveillance of all kind of criminal cases. We are the Delhi based detective agency with strong network in all the cities of India. We are aimed to provide the best survelliance detectives in Hyderabad and survelliance investigators in Hyderabad to conduct survelliance investigations in Hyderabad.

Surveillance operations are conducting with the strong strategies of our highly qualified professional ladies who understand each microscopic detail of the case first and then take the appropriate step to bring the truth out of it. Solving the criminal cases is not just our profession rather it is a passion for our agency as we target to help the people through our truth-believing services.

We have made a mark of our name with the best and timeless services we provide to our privileged clients. We also conduct theft investigations in Hyderabad and have a special team of theft detectives in Hyderabad and theft investigators in Hyderabad to solve the innumerable theft cases of the city. We are most trusted detective agency that is run solely by the ladies and our huge clientele is the proof of what we have achieved after our establishment.

We also help the people by finding their loved ones or missing persons by performing missing person investigations in Hyderabad. For this the team of Lady Detective includes several advanced tools and techniques like tracing the location, tracing the mobile number and extracting the details of calls. We keep a regular watch on the activities of the person you have doubt.

The entire team of Lady Detective works in co-ordination with one another so that every proof and traces of crime can be detected by our missing person detectives in Hyderabad and missing person investigators in Hyderabad. We understand that how important it is for you so we leave no stone unturned and find family member or friend in the committed time period.

Our undercover investigations in Hyderabad have strong tie-ups with all the legal firms so to make it easy to extract the secret details to solve the cases. Our undercover detectives in Hyderabad and undercover investigators in Hyderabad, by the means of still photographs and videos present the truth only to you in order to maintain the privacy.

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