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With the advent of social media and increasing online activity by the day, conservative and modern families alike are in fear of discovering something extremely suspicious about their family members. To aid this process of monitoring, our team at 'Lady Detectives India' could find out / confirm whether a person is involved in a love affair with another, shadow the concerned person under the written authority of parents or the spouse to watch his/her each movement, trace his/her contacts/meetings and make all efforts possible to procure photo/video-graphs as deep-seated evidence of the same.

Our services involve us enveloping the subject in a shadow, right from their house to school/college or their workplace. Our team doesn't let go off the subject even in casual settings like at a party or while they are out for shopping. Our agency has solved lot of cases on these matters in all parts of India that include big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai, where we have successfully managed to make a happy living for people who have been terrified and don't know what to do with the pervasive nature of technology.

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