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Lady Detective is a professional full-service investigation agency offering a comprehensive range of different detective services. We are a highly qualified and experienced team of ladies expert in solving all kind of criminal, missing person, matrimonial, employment, theft and robbery cases with excellence. The team works in compliance many Govt. and private organizations to trace out the proofs and evidences.

Lady Detective is a Delhi based detective agency which has expanded its sphere in all the cities of India and some of the foreign countries. Our team handles and deals with a case whole heartedly and by putting all its efforts to bring the strong and hardcopy evidences like still photos and videos etc. We also sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure you about your safe and secure details you provide to us.

With the advent of the Information Technology industry, Bangalore has turned out as one of the well-sought and premier global IT hubs. Today, Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka is a major IT hub incorporating plethora of companies in its environment. With its corporate flavor and resultant software technology parks, this metropolitan city has been preferred by most Indian and foreign investors as a city where investment flows freely.

Besides Bangalore being a reputed Cyber city throughout the country, there have been innumerable cases of a large variety of crimes being committed. This metropolis is reckoned among the crime prone cities after Delhi, and Mumbai.

Increasing crime demands to have more private detectives in Bangalore and private investigators in Bangalore to conduct private investigations in Bangalore effectively. Boasting a spooky nature our professionals checks every microscopic point to solve the case timelessly.

Our detective agency in bangalore are aware every corner of the city and expert in revealing the hidden truth to find the culprit by performing Detective agency in Bangalore. Being transparent to our privileged clients we provide them up-to-date progress report of the case. We are the sole authorized firm for conducting every kind of investigation with full support of Govt. and other agencies.

We have also been reward by the huge customer's trust which is the biggest achievement for Lady Detective. This also passionate us to solve all sorts of cases in a timeless manner and with full proofs and evidences.

We are counted among the choicest professional detectives in Bangalore and professional investigators in Bangalore for conducting all kind of professional investigations in Bangalore. Lady Detective is name you can trust, the detective agency which is best in the industry. We have reached to this level with the hard work, dedication and with the experienced our team has gained from innumerable cases we solved since our inception.

Pre | Post Employment Detectives In Bangalore

Lady Detectives is a renowned detective agency known worldwide for its expertise team of ladies. We are proficient in dealing with all kind of cases throughout India. We are a name people can trust upon. Our specialization lies in the manner we work and deal with every case we handle. Our well versed and skilled professional ladies track each and every detail of the suspect.

Bangalore an IT hub, offers ample opportunities for people seeking employment. However, with the resurgence of the boom in recruitment, the Human Resource departments of large corporate houses are under extreme pressure to recruit the best available talent in the country with a plethora of candidates who are tidying up their resumes.

Our pre employment detectives in Bangalore and post employment investigators in Bangalore understand the fact that employees are the essential part of every organization. We know that a strong team of employees is the backbone of the successful operations of a robust business enterprise. So, we have made a special and expert team of pre employment investigators in Bangalore and post employment detectives in Bangalore to conduct a effective and timeless pre employment investigations in Bangalore as well as post employment investigations in Bangalore.

Our versatile team is also renowned for provide truth believing and genuine information in case of corporate investigations in Bangalore along with non corporate investigations in Bangalore. Lady Detective consists of a well trained team expert in using the secret and silent techniques to reveal the truth. All our results are backed with still photographs and videos of the culprits caught red handed.

Bangalore, The IT Hub is handed over to the large corporate houses to thoroughly provide them with authentic information. On the other hand, non-corporate sector includes medium to small business entrepreneurs who also require professional services of corporate detectives in Bangalore and non corporate detectives in Bangalore. Our team of ladies incorporates those having huge experience in this field and is corporate investigators in Bangalore and non corporate investigators in Bangalore.

Work Sphere of Lady Detectives includes information about:

  • Employee's Background
  • Previous Job Profile and Salary Details
  • Criminal Records of Employees
  • Internal Frauds and Infidelity Cases
  • Pre | Post Matrimonial Detectives In Bangalore

Marriage is an auspicious occasion that comes mostly once in a life and it is necessary to build this relation on the base of truth. Lady Detective understands very well the importance of truth in marital cases. Even a small lie can bring the bitterness in the relations of both the families and above all in the married couple. Being the top most and trusted detective agency Lady Detective is a team of well versed professional ladies of the industry who are excel in conducting pre and post matrimonial investigation.

We are basically a Delhi based detective agency operating in all the cities for the welfare of human beings. Solving the problem of people is not our profession rather it's our passion which has made us to achieve the top most position of our arena. Bangalore is renowned as the major IT hub and a flourished city if India. Over the last few years, there has experienced a dramatic transformation in the IT Sector and has turned out to be a major IT hub on the global network.

Lady Detective with its highly qualified and experienced team is working in Bangalore to solve the issues and perform pre matrimonial investigations in Bangalore and post matrimonial investigations in Bangalore. Our professional pre matrimonial detectives in Bangalore and pre matrimonial investigators in Bangalore understand the sensitivity and secrecy of these cases. So, we conduct the entire investigation silently and quietly. Our work sphere in the pre matrimonial investigation includes verifying the salary, background, bad habits, and past criminal record etc of both boy and girl side.

Lady Detective also incorporates a team of post matrimonial detectives in Bangalore and post matrimonial investigators in Bangalore for performing post matrimonial investigation which is equally important when doubts rises between the married couple. The work area of post matrimonial investigation in Bangalore includes the verification of extra marital affair, salary checks etc. We also look after child custody cases, divorce cases etc. We promise to provide you the true results based on the genuine proofs and evidences collected by our team. To maintain privacy we also make a non-disclosure agreement and sign it to ensure the client that their information is safe and secure with us.

Detective Agency in Bangalore

Setting an unmatched standard of services, Lady Detectives is the most trusted name among all detective agencies. We are a Delhi based company offering the detective services to solve all kind of cases. We are operating in all the cities and epically the metropolitan cities throughout the country are prone to a substantial increase in the crime rate and Bangalore is not an exception.

With millions of people moving in to the metropolitan city of Bangalore from all other states in the country, there is a strong likelihood that people are able to lose themselves in the milling crowds. The migrant population residing in the city often becomes a facade for the multitudes of people who are reported missing from the city since the educated lot of people who come over in search of jobs find their dreams shattered and resort to petty crimes such as theft and burglary. We incorporate a team of skilled and expert team of lady survelliance detectives in Bangalore and survelliance investigators in Bangalore to conduct survelliance investigations in Bangalore. We keep a regular watch on each and every detail when we handle any case.

We know that cases like kidnapping and missing persons are also increasing. So, we have made special strategies to deal with such sensitive as well as crucial cases. Missing person detectives in Bangalore and missing person investigators in Bangalore leave no stone unturned to conduct a result oriented missing person investigations in Bangalore. Lady detective professionals are trained with advanced techniques and well equipped with how to trace location, numbers etc.

We work in compliance with many other agencies and legal firms as we have authority to conduct theft investigations in Bangalore and undercover investigations in Bangalore also. We remain ready always to handle and deal with any kind of case. Our theft detectives in Bangalore and theft investigators in Bangalore along with undercover detectives in Bangalore and undercover investigators in Bangalore work silently to solve fraud related cases, as we understand the sensitivity of every case. We even sign a non-disclosure agreement so our clients can have surety of privacy.

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