Family Counselling

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'Family First'- A concept that has been fairly promoted and believed in, in movies, shows or in real-life by our ancestors.

Family, in most cases, is where one finds security. The family is where we de-stress and disconnect from the outside world. It's where everyone is dependant on the other for their happiness. However, with the changing times, people often attribute our families for their sorrows, as well.

Any personal discord or a career disturbance in one person's life could end up affecting every other family member as well. This leads to misunderstandings, sarcastic taunts, feeling like the other members have it easy & general hurt and angst.

In situations such as these, our family counsellors devise methods for the entire family to have transparent conversations amongst themselves. We encourage spending time with each other individually and as a unit to understand the feelings and behaviour pattern of each other. We help them assess their personalities in accordance to the situations and then clarify the problems.

We help in first understanding the problem, then move to understanding the way it is seen differently by every member of the family, and at the end provide with a successful solution which in turn helps to resolve misunderstandings amongst them and strengthen their bond.

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