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Lady Detectives is a professional full service investigation agency which has been trusted by the people. We are leading this field from the last twenty years with our experience. We have initiated the detective agency in Delhi and have expanded our sphere in almost all the cities in India now. We have created a niche in the Detective services market by offering a truly comprehensive range of private investigations in Mumbai, personal investigations in Mumbai and professional investigations in Mumbai.

We are a renowned and most trusted organization in India for providing top-notch detective services. Lady detective is a professionally managed team of ladies, excel in every aspect. Our investigation procedure conducting by private detectives in Mumbai and private investigators in Mumbai includes modern tracking systems, equipments such as highly digital cameras and all type of electronic equipments. The whole investigation process is conducted with confidentiality and utmost discretion to provide our privileged clients complete anonymity without alerting the subject.

Mumbai is considered to be the commercial capital of the country where a large number of corporate giants and large corporations have their headquarters in the city. The crime rate in the city has been increased to a great extent leading to the demand of professional detectives in Mumbai and professional investigators in Mumbai. With immense commercialization of the city, these agencies offer their valued services to clients in various fields of investigation.

Lady Detective is the only name you can trust. We are your solution because we have confidence, dedication, and sharpness and above all experienced Personal Detectives in Mumbai and Personal Investigators in Mumbai satisfying clients with the answers they sometimes strive for; we maintain the highest standards of Private Investigation.

We are excel in solving matrimonial cases, theft by employees, internal frauds, misappropriation of information, electronic surveillance, missing persons, computer data theft, copyright, patent and trademark infringement and industrial espionage. We understand and respect the privacy of our clients so the investigation process runs silently and confidentially.

With a mission to delight our client by providing them truly customized services our detective from Mumbai provides reliable and accurate information. We present the results with evidences like still photographs, or videos so that you can watch every activity. We report our clients after every step to maintain the transparency and status of work. To afloat in the present competitive era we proffer our clients to get a clear picture of their dealings and ultimately help them reach at the winning edge.

Employment Investigators / Corporate Detectives in Mumbai

Have you ever thought about hiring a private detective in Mumbai for employment investigations? Mumbai is the economic hub of India with a plethora of offices and of late, with the rise of the corporate culture there is no dearth of corporate offices in skyscrapers. This calls in the need for corporate investigators in Mumbai whose main job is to provide an array of services like background verification of employment, solve the cases related to forgery, trade infringement or any kind of information leakage in your company.

The Work of Employment Detectives

The post employment services offered by Lady Detective Agency comprises of talented, experienced and qualified corporate investigators in Mumbai. They work to bring in the facts along with evidences which are important requisites to solve a case. You will be surprised that this detective agency has all women workforce and have meticulously proved their caliber in this field. Reviewing the success rates of solving the cases the Lady Detectives India has excelled than its other counterparts.

All thanks to the stereotypical characters portrayed in books, novels and movies about detectives which gives an insight about their work. The employment detectives in Mumbai find and analyze facts about legal, finance and personal details of the employees that are recruited by reputed corporate houses. It is a fact that at some point or the other any kind of suspicious activity can occur at your workplace. Being an employer you need to face this tough fact but most employers are not equipped or trained to deal with such situations. By hiring private corporate detectives in Mumbai you can reduce the risk and minimize the loss.

Why to Hire Corporate Detectives?

With the expansion of economy there is an ardent need for corporate detectives in Mumbai. These investigations help companies to assess the allegations of corporate fraud and financial mismanagement. Today company fraud is becoming a major issue and one of the most common problems in the companies. Lady Detective strives to provide quality, bespoke solutions in most cost-effective manner.

The corporate investigators in Mumbai work in professional manner which includes hiring of a suitable candidate, cyber crime, corporate wars, counterfeit products, trade infringement, pre/post employment screening, industrial espionage including information and asset pilferage.

The corporate investigators of Mumbai take the complete responsibility to find the real facts about pre-employment investigations in the city. The pre-employment investigations comprises of digging and delving into the antecedents of the person that seeks employment with a reputed company. Our professional investigative team can assist you in the following services:

  • Provide current and exact information in defending hostile takeover bids and in instanced of acquisitions and mergers.
  • Performing honesty due to diligence investigations into client's prospective business partners, garnering information about business track record, background information, reputation and integrity of the subject, companies and individual employees
  • Offering in-depth reports in case of frauds, investigations and asset tracking
  • Collecting background information of potential employees, directors and company profiles, financial status and details of outstanding litigation.

Pre | Post Matrimonial Detectives In Mumbai

Lady Detective is the most trust detective agency engaged in solving all kind of Matrimonial cases. We are a team of ladies that are expert in taking up the matrimonial verification work from the groom and the bridal both side.

Our verification aimed at the happiness of the daughter or son for the entire life. We involve in conducting secret and confidential enquires to give a present true image of the entire family and their status. Mumbai is one of the major metropolitan cities in the country where there are a large number of incidents pertaining matrimonial disputes ultimately leading to divorce cases that are pending in courts without any decision being taken. We provide both Pre matrimonial investigations in Mumbai and post matrimonial investigations in Mumbai.

Both these aspects matrimonial investigations are extremely important for both the brides and the grooms family. Pre matrimonial detectives in Mumbai takes into account conducting a thorough investigation into the antecedents of both the families and providing a comprehensive report to both the families to enable them to decide on the future of their sons and daughters as their entire future and lives are involved. Pre matrimonial investigators in Mumbai put the heart and souls to get down to the bottom of the investigation to generate a complete report to allay the apprehensions of both the families. It includes:

  • Education profile check
  • Alcoholic, Smoker, Drug Abuse and other general habits
  • Job Profile, Salary and Reputation in the work place
  • Character, Previous Marriage (if any) and daily routine
  • Family Background
  • Financial Status

Post matrimonial investigations generally come up where there is even the slightest element of suspicion arising on part of either of the married couple. Our post matrimonial detectives in Mumbai and post matrimonial investigators in Mumbai take the sole responsibility of revealing the truth about the partner and his/her activities in committed time with still photographs and videos. We work to find out:

  • Infidelity
  • Extra marital affairs
  • Suspected activities or adultery by the spouse
  • Separation or Divorce cases

Detective Agency in Mumbai

Lady Detective is a professionally managed and Delhi based detective agency having its sphere in all over India. We are the most trusted detective agency among the available agencies. We are a team of experienced and technically expert ladies that are efficient in conducting any kind of investigation like missing person investigations in Mumbai, theft investigations in Mumbai, and undercover investigations in Mumbai etc.

Mumbai is one of the unique metropolitan cities in the country where people easily melt away in the multitudinous crowd of the city's population. However, as time elapses, the dreams are shattered and the person loses himself in the ever increasing crowds that pave a path for the soaring crime rate. Kidnappings cases, missing person cases, theft cases etc have become very common.

Our professional survelliance detectives in Mumbai and survelliance investigators in Mumbai are efficient to conduct survelliance investigations in Mumbai and to curb the surge of crime. We also ensure our privileged clients to find their loved one by performing a strict but silent investigation from our missing detective agency in mumbai and missing person investigators in Mumbai. We use modern and latest techniques and tools to trace the location of the missing person. We work to find:

  • Fugitives you need to find.
  • Long lost loved ones or family members who have voluntarily disappeared or run away.
  • Missing persons who have been gone a long time and are part of a cold case
  • Debtors for your money
  • Runaways and miners who have been kidnapped

Lady Detectives also ensure complete privacy of your information provided and we also give you a non-disclosure agreement signed by our agency. Our undercover detectives in Mumbai and undercover investigators in Mumbai carry out undercover investigations in Mumbai with strictest level of confidentiality and without revealing their identity which include a special team of lady detectives.

Lady Detectives also incorporates theft detectives in Mumbai and theft investigators in Mumbai to solve all cases related to thefts in the house or in small and big organizations. Theft investigations in Mumbai conducting by our team brings the real facts and information with the help of still photographs and videos

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