Post Matrimonial Investigation

Post Matrimonial Investigation By Professional Lady Detectives in India

People all over the country and abroad are falling into the trap of Extra-Marital Affairs. Suspicion in a marital relation is a problem felt very often now. It could be because of an early marriage, the inability to deal with changes, marriage for the wrong reasons, physical dissatisfaction or as simple as differing life priorities.

But, even an ounce of doubt regarding a betrayal could scare someone. It then becomes really important to seek timely expert advice.

We run our operations and investigation services in all the major cities of India and major foreign countries, as well. Our work involves not only give Post-Matrimonial services in Delhi but also conducting Post- Matrimonial investigations in India. We gauge the requirements of our esteemed clients through detailed conversations first and then discuss the appropriate solution with the surety of bringing the hidden truth out.

Our post matrimonial investigation services covers:

  • Extra marital affairs

  • Attitude of husband/ wife towards the family

  • Divorce cases

  • Tracking of day-to-day activities of the husband/ wife

  • Attitude of family towards the husband/wife

  • Relationships with the co- workers

LDI has successfully handled cases of distress or affairs post-marriage with much dedication of its Post-Matrimonial detectives in Mumbai, Post-Matrimonial investigators in Jaipur, investigators handling Post-Matrimonial services in Punjab and Chandigarh, Post-Matrimonial investigations in Chennai, and Post-Matrimonial services in Bangalore.

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