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Thinking of seeking divorce after marriage is no less than a catastrophe. Affairs, arguments, violence are the most probable symptoms that creep in between couples and lead to this sad end. However, the most respect that you could give to your relationship is in the form of seeking a closure together i.e. opt for Divorce Counselling. It could help you understand the deeper problems that either went unnoticed or felt impossible to deal with.

Deciding When To Seek For Divorce Counselling

Often, taking this counselling is when either of the partners is going through a crisis in the form of discovering the spouse's affair, an argument escalating without a reason, or problems in communication and chemistry.

Instead of straightaway filing for divorce or sending a legal notice, counselling allows to get some time that allows each partner to think about what has happened and also deal with the problem in a structured and an informed manner. When one partner has decided to leave and file for divorce and the other hasn't, there is a 'split agenda' which requires an experienced couples counsellor.

Some of the very common reasons for couples to seek counselling include:

  • You cannot continue living together

  • Long-distance leading to one partner feeling un-involved in the other's life

  • Miscommunication due to a third party involvement

  • Overbearing bitterness and despair

  • Getting to know about the other's affair

Continuing Counselling After Divorce

At Lady Detectives India, we continue with Counselling even during the 'Recovery Stage' of your divorce i.e where both or either of the partners feel depressed and utterly abandoned for quitting out of the institution of marriage.

We help the couples, now as individuals, to move on and initiate new beginnings. In various cases, couples do want to maintain a friendly relation with their ex. for their own mental peace or for the sake of their children, which might be daunting for them.

Counselling, though, is a platform where they could discuss and work through those feelings of remorse or doubt.

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