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Perseverance, Dedication, and Reliance are the words which flawlessly defines our Delhi Based detective agency Lady Detectives. Experienced and challenging team of ladies at Lady Detective are proficient in dealing with all kind of cases. We are the name people can trust to get the answers of their queries and to have the solution of their problems.

We boast a world renowned set up and offer our investigation services to all the cities in India and some other countries also. We are best known for providing confidential and expert private and professional verification services. The team of Lady Detectives understands the sensitivity of the case and handles it with utmost care and attention. We provide a regular training to our team, to make them up with the invented and upcoming tools and techniques which are helpful in investigation.

When it comes to Punjab, India we have made a specialized team to deal with all kind of professional and personal cases. Over the years, Punjab has not only excelled in the agricultural sector with highest production in terms of food grains and other agricultural produce, it has also endeavored to enhance its corporate image. There are several large towns spread over the entire state with the likes of Chandigarh, Amritsar, Ludhiana and Jalandhar that are all set to improve their corporate appearance. Chandigarh being the state capital is one of the most promising cities where people prefer to establish their main offices.

There is no doubt that where there is affluence and an opulent lifestyle with abundance of money and purchasing power, there is bound to be a steep rise in criminal activities in various spheres. This has led to the mushrooming of a plethora of professional investigators in Punjab along with Detective Agency-in Punjab and private investigators in Punjab offering their gamut of professional services in myriad areas. Lady detective includes excelled team of private detectives in Punjab, detective Agency in Punjab to conduct strict and confidential investigations.

Our Detective agency in Punjab and private investigations in Punjab covers the cases related to personal and household problems which occurs among family or Husband and Wife. Professional detectives of Lady Detectives, operate under a strict ethical code of secrecy, total commitment and sincerity devoid of interference in sensitivity of the investigation. To offer our services to the corporate world and to conduct professional investigations in Punjab we have a well trained team of ladies professionals who have a record of not having a single case unsolved.

To get in-depth information, you can even talk to those who have already availed these private and professional investigation services at Lady Detective. We work with utmost privacy to ensure our personal and professional investigation clients that there information is completely safe and secure. We bring the hidden truth out in the committed time period. Nothing is important for us except client's satisfaction.

Our Motto is to give you the best as we think "TRUST US, we believe in team work" which comprises of not only us but you also.

Pre | Post Employment Detectives In Punjab

With advancement of technology and industrialization in Punjab has emerged the corporate and non-corporate sector especially in developing cities, such as, Ludhiana, the Manchester of the East, Jalandhar, Amritsar and above all, Chandigarh, the state capital. The Corporate giants and large corporations have established their headquarters in Chandigarh.

The Corporate Sector

The corporate sector includes the big-wigs of the industry while the non-corporate sector comprises the medium to small entrepreneurs who own small businesses. Recruitment is an ongoing process and its resurgence has led corporates to focus on recruitment on a large scale. The Human Resource departments of companies have come under intense pressure to go talent hunting across the country for fresh and seasoned talent for their business organization. Employees are considered to be an asset for the success of any business organization. It is in the interest of the organization that employees with authentic credentials be recruited.

Extensive Recruitment Drive

A large number of prospective employees seeking employment are deft at falsifying their employment history, technical or other skills and their employment history. The HR department can ill afford to scrutinize each and every detail furnished by the candidate to check the veracity of the details. Hence it has become a mandatory procedure for pre-employment investigators in Punjab to carry out pre-employment investigations in Punjab. Usually corporate investigations in Punjab are carried out by corporate detectives in Punjab to verify the details provided by corporate houses and large companies. However, non-corporate detectives in Punjab check on the veracity of the details on non-corporate investigations in Punjaband offer their professional services to their clients.

A Surfeit of Detective Agencies

There are several investigative and detective agencies that have come up in Chandigarh, the state capital where some of the agencies are totally operated by lady detectives. Usually an employment detective in Punjab and an employment investigator in Punjab are assigned the task of carrying out employment investigation in Punjab based on the detailed information furnished by the clients. However, where post-employment investigations in Punjab are required, post-employment detectives in Punjab carry out their investigations to the satisfaction of their clients.

Pre | Post Matrimonial Detectives In Punjab

Marriage is an undying relation of life but the betrayal and deceits kills this immaculate relationship. It involves commitment to live the entire life together by understanding and fulfilling one another's needs. But, sometimes some undesirable situations and doubts arise between the couple. If not solved at the early stages can become a blunder resulting into the end of relationship.

Lady Detective is a well known detective agency engaged in solving all kind of matrimonial cases. We provide confidential investigation and strategic intelligent services. We are a reputed detective agency operating through Delhi but covering all the cities of India. Our renowned detective agency is backed with a specialized team of professional ladies who are expert in conducting both pre and most matrimonial investigation. No one can understand the delicacy of the matrimonial cases, better than lady professionals of the Lady Detectives. Our motto is to provide bare truth with proofs.

Punjab has been one of the frontier states of the country with its border with Pakistan. Some of the most thriving cities that have experienced a dramatic transformation are Chandigarh, Amritsar, Jalandhar and Ludhiana. Just like every major city or town in the country, in Punjab also there are innumerable marital problems that have caused wedding woes to countless families.

But, the Lady Detective's team of pre matrimonial investigators in Punjab or pre matrimonial detectives in Punjab is well trained to handle pre matrimonial investigations in Punjab. We understand the sensitivity of the situation and take the immediate action. We assure our clients to bring the hidden truth out with proofs like still photographs and videos. In pre matrimonial investigation we include verifying background, financial details of both family and the boy/girl. We also cover salary, job profile, bad habits, and criminal case investigation of boy/girl.

In the same manner we are also proficient in dealing with post matrimonial investigations in Punjab. Lady Detectives includes a versatile and experienced team of post matrimonial investigators in Punjab or post matrimonial detectives in Punjab. These detectives effectively take the charge for finding truth about any external affair of husband/wife, bad habits or criminal cases, divorce cases, salary related verification, or any other issue.

It is always prudent to carry out a pre matrimonial verification rather than a post matrimonial investigation at a later stage since it avoids bad blood between families.

Detective Agency in Punjab

With the large scale industrialization and commercialization of the state of Punjab, a major part of the corporate world has preferred the major cities in Punjab to be their operational headquarters. Punjab has emerged as one of the leading state for large corporate houses and giant corporations. Besides being the granary of the country, the state of Punjab has also been in the forefront of technological excellence in every sphere of industry.

The Influx

However, there has been an influx of migrant labor coming over to Punjab from neighboring states in India work as menial labor in the fields. A majority of the labor has turned towards crime such as theft and burglary. It has been perceived that they are apparently not satisfied with the wages they are being paid albeit the wages are more than they ever expected.

Lady Detectives & Investigators

There is a plethora of investigative and detective agencies that have come up in Chandigarh, the state capital where some of the agencies are totally operated by lady detectives. Lady detectives have lately come to be known as reliable, resilient and trustworthy. A Theft investigation in Punjab is undertaken by a theft detective in Punjab and a number of cases have been resolved by lady detectives in particular.

Fraudulent Measures

While theft and burglary are commonplace crimes, one of the major crimes are frauds committed by the employees employed by large corporate groups who have vanished without a trace with the intention of conning their employers with huge sums of money which they do not intend to pay. There are missing Most of the missing person investigations in Punjab are being conducted by missing person detectives in Punjaband missing person investigators in Punjab.In a case where a missing person is required to be tailed, surveillance detective in Punjab and surveillance investigator in Punjab conduct surveillance investigation in Punjab with the most state of the art and modern techniques that are available in the country. A missing person can easily be tailed by undercover investigators in Punjabin undercover investigations in Punjabwith the help and cooperation of the local law enforcement agencies such as the civil administration.

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