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Marriages are made in heaven but are not perfect because they involve two people with different personalities, who have to continuously work on that institution. Compatibility does not depend on some checklist. It is something that needs time and patience. Marriage Counselling is where we work as your therapist to not just 'fix' but rather make progress in your relationship, by identifying and exploring the issues you are facing with your partner.

Post-Marriage Counselling or Couple Counselling, as known commonly, is where we conduct sessions to work upon issues like frequent fights, sexual and domestic abuse, parental interference, infidelity, respect issues, material expectations et al. The husband and wide could consult us together for joint sessions or an individual one-on-one as well.

Signs Of A Troubled Relationship:

  • Discussions that end up in fights without a reason

  • Involving each other's parents in every argument

  • Involvement of a third party, trying to create a difference between you two

  • Dragging an unhealthy relationship for the sake of your child/children

What We Do?

Pre Matrimonial Counselling

For prospective couple to understand each other's personalities better before they step into marriage.

Post Matrimonial Counselling

For couples who don't seem to happily co-exist in the same house with each other & are constantly fighting or are looking to strengthen their bonding.

How Marriage Counselling Works?

Marriage Counselling sessions quintessentially bring you and your partner for sittings with us. These help you discuss your differences logically and subsequently solve the issues that have creeped up in your relationship. We will help you understand the positives and negatives in both of you and the parties involved with you to know from where have the fights stemmed from.

If your partner refuses to accommodate and not attend the session, you could even come on your own. It will definitely be more demanding but we could still help you realise the behaviour pattern and reactions of your spouse. If you come with them, through means of various methods, we act as a mediator and help you subsist with the emotions. There could be times where both of you are silently sitting waiting and expecting the other to begin first. That is okay. We would help you bring the misunderstandings and perceptions to the forefront.

The number of sessions each couple needs vary according to the status of improvement in your relationship. Some people only require sessions lasting two-three weeks while some need months on end.

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