Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Infidelity in a relationship is something people detest but also haven’t been able to get rid of since a few of their partners are too good at covering their vice. Here at Lady Detectives India, though, we are proficient in identifying the changes in behaviour and body language, that could be potential threat to your relationship.

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Here are the big signs you should be aware of:

1) A Change In Daily Routine:

Is your spouse now interested in things that they were earlier oblivious of? Do they come home later than their call-timings, more than a few times in a week? For any working person, these things are conventional and could pose as a difficulty to investigate by yourself.

That is where we step in and monitor where they go, who they meet or are involved with, away from your knowledge. We provide with adequate proof to support our claims.

2) Dramatic Change in Intimacy: 

This could mean that there’s more or less intimacy in the relationship. The partner could feel guilty for cheating, so wants to cover it up by initiating or avoiding intimacy because they’re getting it elsewhere.

At some point, they’ll become chattier and apparently more interested in your life. Very often there is an increased desire to know your plans, so they can make their own plans in a way that avoids arousing your suspicion.

3) Being Protective Of Phone, Social Media or Email:

This highlights that there’s something to hide on these devices. They may also take their phone to the bathroom, keep it on silent or always keep it face down. Any calls are taken in a different room.

4) Evading Future Plans & Investments With You

If your partner has been reliable up till now, then a reluctance to plan ahead can be a sign they’re having an affair.

You’ve always planned your holiday a year in advance, but now they’re erring. The house move that they’ve been wanting for so long is suddenly off. This change in commitments could be because they see these investments with someone else now.

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